Cedar Bluebird House

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  • Cedar Bluebird House
  • Cedar Bluebird House
  • Cedar Bluebird House
  • Cedar Bluebird House
  • Cedar Bluebird House
  • Cedar Bluebird House


This high-end, long-lasting Bluebird house is a great addition to any backyard, providing a beautiful home for Bluebirds in your area. Made from American red cedar wood, this Bluebird House will last through the seasons and won't rot! The front of the Bluebird house opens forward making it easy for annual cleaning and can be secured with the easy-open latch. Above the 1.5" entrance hole, this Bluebird house as a vent for proper air circulation throughout the birdhouse. The slanted no-perch roof prevents predators from waiting on top of the bluebird house and the easy mounting holes on the back make it secure to mount on most surfaces. Add this modern bluebird house to your backyard and enjoy the beautiful bluebirds you'll attract!

  • NORTH AMERICAN RED CEDAR WOOD: Made with rot-resistant North American cedar, with that beautiful cedar smell and sturdy design.
  • BLUEBIRD SANCTUARY: 1.5" diameter hole provides a sanctuary for birds such as bluebirds, wren and other small birds. Keeping out any predators.
  • NO PERCH ROOF: Slanted roof prevents large birds and predators from resting on top of the birdhouse. Keeping your beautiful bluebirds safe.
  • EASY OPEN HATCH FOR CLEANING: Hinged twist locking door, makes it easy for cleaning at the end of season to ensure long lasting use.
  • HOT CLEANING TIPS: Your bluebird house should be cleaned at the end of every season, and if you're experiencing heavy attendance clean more regularly. You may clean with 10 parts water and 1 part bleach, but if choosing this method you must soak the birdhouse and dry completely to disinfect before placing back outside. For a more natural solution, you can use a 50/50 mix of boiled water and vinegar, soak and let dry completely before hanging.
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