Chicken Brooder Kit

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  • Chicken Brooder Kit
  • Chicken Brooder Kit


This round chicken brooder box is perfect to ensure all your chicks are getting equal access to heat, water, and food. No chick is going to get too cold from getting stuck in a corner or suffer from malnutrition. This brooding kit includes a waterer and a feeder that fits perfectly inside and provides an appropriate amount of water and feed to the chicks inside.

  • ROUND DESIGN ENSURE CHICKS GROW HEALTHY: The round designs ensure the chickens do not get stuck in corners, where they can be trapped from the heat, food and water
  • APPROX. 27IN X 27IN WIDE, 10.5IN HIGH: The legs add an additional couple of eaches.
  • INCLUDES FEEDER AND WATERER: Small waterer and feeder included to tend to all your new chicks needs. These fit easily inside the brooder with the top on.
  • LAMP NOT INCLUDED: We recommend a heat plate as this tends to be the safest option that covers the largest surface area.
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