Custom Printed Labels for Honey

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  • Custom Printed Labels for Honey
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  • Bear [153]
  • Retro [155]
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  • Sundance [159]
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  • Skep [157]


We are happy to offer custom printed labels for your honey. Many styles and sizes to choose from!

Price is $74.99 for 500 and $115.00 for 1,000. All sizes/designs are the same price (not all designs are available in every size). Labels typically will arrive within 10-14 days, especially during peak season. We will hold other order items to ship the order complete with labels.  If you'd like us to back order the labels and ship other order items seperately, please include this request in your "ORDER INSTRUCTIONS/COMMENTS" at checkout.  The box will appear during the 4th step of checkout below the "HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO PAY?" section.  The details for the wording of the labels may be entered here as well!  Please also note that if labels are to be shipped as an individual item, there will be an additional shipping cost.   

Jars our labels fit:

Rectangle (R):  Fits all flat panel bears except for the 2 oz and other containers.  Measures 1.75" x 1.25".

Medium Oval (M): Fits 8 oz.-2 lb. Classic, Queenline or Mason Jars.    Measures 3" x 1.75".

Large Oval (L): Fits 2-5 lb. Jars & Mason Jars.    Please note the change in size. Now fits the 1 Lb. Inverted Deco Embossed Container. Measures 3.75" x 2.125".

Hive Jar Oval (H):  Fits Hive Jars.  Measures 3" x 2".

Again, at checkout you will have an opportunity to add comments.  Please include the following information:   
*Product Description
*Producer Name
*Address/Contact (2 lines)
*Weight (can be left blank if you'd like to write in for different sizes).

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