Deluxe 4 Compartment Nesting Box - All Metal

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  • Deluxe 4 Compartment Nesting Box - All Metal
  • Deluxe 4 Compartment Nesting Box - All Metal


This Deluxe 4 Compartment Nesting Box Pro is the top of the line for nesting boxes. The rust-resistant galvanized metal frame ensures this nesting box is sturdy and will endure the changing weather. The smooth design makes it easy to clean, simply wipe down with hot/boiling water. AVOID ALL PESTICIDES AND FLEA POWDERS, these can be harmful to your chickens. The plastic laying trays are also incredibly easy to clean, the netting style bottom allows debris to fall through and for any excess that may be left behind, these trays can be simply unclipped at the back and removed then cleaned the same as the metal frame.

  • KEEP YOUR EGGS SAFE: The laying trays slant forward slightly allowing the eggs to roll forward under the green front lid and stay protected from damage. We recommend placing some bedding under the lid for further protection of the eggs.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY: All you need is a flat-head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench if you have one. All screws and bolts are included.
  • NO PERCH ROOF: The slanted roof design prevents the hens from roosting on top of the nesting boxes.
  • EASY TO CLEAN trays and metal designs makes this nesting box extremely simple to clean. Debris will fall through the netted trays and any excess can be cleaned by removing the trays and wiping down, along with the metal, with warm/boiling water. DO NOT USE ANY INSECTICIDES OR FLEA POWDERS
  • MATERIALS: Rust-resistant galvanized metal with plastic laying trays.
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