Full Color Custom Labels (Your Design)

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  • Full Color Custom Labels (Your Design)
  • Full Color Custom Labels (Your Design)


Now you have the opportunity to design your own full color custom labels for your honey or other products!


We will provide you with the Adobe templates via email once your order has been placed, and you can design in 3 sizes to provide print-ready files to us:

  • Rectangle [R]: Measures 1.25" X 1.75".  Fits all flat panel bears except for the 2 oz. and other containers. (500/$74.99 and 1,000/$115)
  • Medium Oval [M]: Measures 1.75" X 3".  Fits 8 oz. - 2 lb. Classic, Queenline and Mason Jars. (500/$74.99 and 1,000/$115)
  • Large Oval [L]:  Measures 4" x 2.625".  Fits 2 lb. - 5 lb. Jars. (500/$89.99 and 1,000/$140)
  • Hive Jar Oval (H):  Measures 3" x 2".  Fits Hive Jars.  (500/$74.99 and 1,000/$115)
  • Large Rectangle:  Measures 2" x 4".  (500/$74.99 and 1,000/$115)

If you require design assistance, we can offer graphic services for $35/hr.

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