Large Mason and Leafcutter Bee House

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  • Large Mason and Leafcutter Bee House
  • Large Mason and Leafcutter Bee House
  • Large Mason and Leafcutter Bee House
  • Large Mason and Leafcutter Bee House


This natural design of this large pollinator chateau is a great home for our most necessary pollinators. Providing a sanctuary for your local bee population can be crucial in the pollination of your area. With the natural wood finish, this chateau is easy to customize for your own garden design or mount unpainted for a natural garden feel. Mount to a tree trunk, the side of a garage/house or sitting atop a tree stump, this bee hotel is a great sanctuary for local mason and leafcutter bees. Providing a safe space from predators and weather, but most importantly allowing bees to lay eggs in a safe environment away from anything that can interfere with the reproductive cycle. Struggling to attract bees to your native bee house? Just add bee attractant and ensure the surrounding environment is full of pollen and nectar.

  • FLAME-TREATED AND NATURAL BAMBOO: Designed to fit into nature seamlessly and for long-lasting use with the proper care.
  • MASON AND LEAFCUTTER BEES: Attracts a variety of our favorite pollinators with the various sized bamboo and insect holes.
  • SIMPLE TO MOUNT: Hammer a nail into a tree trunk or supported wood stand around 6ft high, away from heavy winds with the front facing the sun.
  • HOW TO ATTRACT: Place the bee house outside in the early spring months, add some bee attractant/bee food, If you are still having trouble, plant a bee garden full of your local flowers.
  • WHAT FLOWERS SHOULD YOU PLANT? Ensuring your bee house is surrounded by the right pollen sources can help attract bees to your bee house. Shallow blossom such as daisies, zinnias, and asters. As well as nepeta, salvia, oregano, mint, and lavender for long-tongued bees.
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