Triangle Insect House

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  • Triangle Insect House
  • Triangle Insect House
  • Triangle Insect House
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The Homestead Essentials Triangle Insect House is the perfect home for your backyard buddies. Insects are a critical member of our environment and we can support them with this great insect house. The multiple different compartments provide a home for a variety of insects The long hole through the top is great for butterflies to find sanctuary, while the bamboo attracts bees, beetles and other little insects. Insects are critical for decomposition, pest control and other functions that keep the planet livable, therefore we must provide a sanctuary for them to do their job. Made with flame treated-wood, this insect house is designed for long lasting use, with the capability of being hung or standing flat on a surface. The size is perfect for a backyard garden, porch or even an apartment balcony. So what are you waiting for, get your insect house today!

  • Triangle style inset house rests on a flat surface for insect access
  • Opening near the top is perfect for butterflies to access and find sanctuary
  • Large size bamboo attracts Mason bees and other small insects
  • Acorn and bark sections provide sanctuary for smaller insects, acting as a playground for the insects while the netting protects the insects and prevents predators from accessing the sanctuary
  • Netting protects the insects and prevents predators from accessing the sanctuary
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